Why Xperia? The Sony Advantage.

The smartphone marketplace of today is one of the most saturated markets in the history of economics. With there being so many options, from a consumer standpoint it often feels frustrating to be in the place where a new smartphone needs to be bought. However, it goes without saying that a handful of companies and brands consistently churn out incredible products, especially phones, year after year, and Sony, with their Xperia brand of smartphones, is definitely in that conversation. For many reasons no less, but here are just a couple of the reasons why these phones are treated with such high regard.

First off, specifications, as is common knowledge at this point, the frontend of any kind of consumer device is nothing without an equally impressive backend, under the figurative hood of the product. Xperia phones, both now and in recent memory, have gone out of their way to feature nothing shy of the most cutting edge, top of the line technology on the market, consistently. Be it the internals of the processor and battery, all the way out to the fit and finish, screen, and buttons, all Sony Xperia devices feature incredible build quality, making you feel like you’ve truly spent money for a premium quality product. Additionally, these specs aren’t just good in a vacuum, but are fantastic even in comparison with the greatest flagships the market has to offer at any point in time.

Secondly, connectivity, and the sense of being constantly online makes the experience of owning a Sony Xperia device, not just a satisfactory one, but one which breaks down the walls of what it means to own a smartphone. Presently, we live in an age which is constantly updated, upgraded, and moving forward. Take a site like SattaKing for example, something which is updated so regularly and frequently, that it might become difficult to keep track for those genuinely interested in the game of Satta. However, when it comes to an Xperia phone, keeping track of sites like these, and others like it such as sports scores becomes easy, because of the interconnectedness having this smartphone provides.

In conclusion, it’s easy to see that despite there being so many options, at so many price points, operating systems, specs, and targeted consumers, Xperia towers over most other options. The versatility of the phones is something to be respected, being able to handle the most detailed of videos, highest quality of music, and most hardware demanding games, is no small task. But Xperia phones are built for the long haul, and will surely never let you down from the minute you put your sim inside it, to the moment you pull it out.

The first 5 things to do on your new Xperia phone

So you’ve just got your hands on a brand new Xperia device. Congratulations, but evidently, there are a few things you should take care of in order to familiarize yourself with the functionality of your new device. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of a few things to do with your new device, to improve functionality, or aesthetics. These range from purely cosmetic changes, to ones involving real-time usage of the device.

Protect the phone

It goes without saying these days that it’s best to protect your phone with aftermarket equipment, rather than paying the increasingly expensive repair costs which are associated with fixing a broken phone. We highly recommend purchasing some kind of hard case or cover to protect the exterior of the phone, as well as a tempered glass to ensure that the screen does not suffer any damage over its tenure with you. When it comes to new smartphones, it’s safe to assume a ‘better safe than sorry’ perspective, as damages are frequent and plentiful, and the simple act of wrapping your phone up can go a long way in saving you money in the long term.

Import previous data

Chances are, your Xperia device isn’t the first phone you’ve ever owned. For this reason, its important to take your data from the previous device, and import it into your new one. Doing this may be a one-time hassle, but trust us, its worth it over having to import every contact, birthday, and chat over from your previous device. Additionally, this has the added benefit of making a newer device seem more familiar, as all the important items from your previous phone are right there, at your service.

Personalize the device

This one is more material in nature, and involves altering both the interior and exterior appearance of your new Xperia device to make it more fitting to your tastes and personality. As mentioned earlier, a case is an absolute essential, but don’t feel the pressure to get a boring one, colored and printed cases can add a lot of personality to one’s device, immediately projecting the type of person you are, as well as your likes and dislikes in a simple, streamlined manner. Additionally, internal features such as a wallpaper or theme can also spice up your stock Xperia device.

Try out some browsers

In this day and age, we’re really spoilt for choice when it comes to web browsers. From chrome, to firefox, to opera, it seems like there really isn’t any shortage of ways to access the internet. Despite this, not all browsers are created equally, and it is a good idea to test the browsers against one another to see how they fit your needs. We’d recommend accessing the Satta King website from your various browsers to see how they stack up against one another with normal usage, while viewing a convenient, and uncomplicated website.

Install basic apps

Lastly, we come to something which can be done with all new devices, and most of us do as is. We all have one or two apps which we cannot live without, be it Facebook, Instagram, or Tinder, some of us have requirements which are satisfied with few apps. With that being said, perhaps one of the first steps to take with your new Xperia device is to install your personal essential apps from the app store.

Entertainment Sites to View from Xperia Devices

Smartphones are often correctly viewed as hybrid devices which facilitate communications, entertainment, work, and many other purposes. It would be futile to merely peg these devices as unitaskers, are they are ostensibly so much more. One of the primary purposes of smartphones, as mentioned, is entertainment, and on Xperia phones, you’re really spoilt for choice between games, platforms, sites, and so much more when it comes to mere entertainment. However, some of the most engaging happen to be websites with entertainment elements, so in this piece, we’ll break down 5 of the best online sites which can entertain you on your Xperia device.


Netflix is the undisputed king of streaming services, but with the uprising of newer services such as Amazon Prime, and Hotstar (which we’ll get to), why is it worth shelling out the money for a Netflix subscription every month? Well, the answer is simple, Netflix produces some of the best original content in the world today, and yes, that includes feature length films as well. Simply, Netflix is one of the handiest sites out there, and you already know that, so put your Xperia device to good use on this platform.


With all that being said, Hotstar is a trailblazer coming up very quickly on Netflix, and wishing to chomp up market share with region specific content, and a huge tide shifter, cricket. The 2019 ICC Cricket world cup was streamed on Hotstar, making it a must have site for any Xperia user. For sports fans who also indulge in original content from time to time, Hotstar is an absolute cannot miss.


Undoubtedly, basketball is one of the most electrifying sports out there in the world today, and your one ticket to see it on your Xperia device is NBA TV, a site which lets you stream all the matches, and highlights all in one place. The sheer explosiveness of the sport is sure to take anyone out of a state of boredom, complemented greatly by the booming sound and bright screen of your Xperia device.


Younger audiences and millennials will no doubt recognize this entry on our list. 9Gag is where the majority of jokes, memes, and funnies on the internet originate from, and for those of you bored on your Xperia devices out there, it bears visiting for the gut-bustlingly funny content on the platform at any one point. If you’re feeling down and out, 9Gag is surely reliable to pull you out of any predicament, and your Xperia can be the gateway to the world of memes and jokes for you.

Satta King

Last but not least, we come to SattaKing, an online platform which aggregates all the Satta results from various Matkas in India. Without a doubt, many of these platforms exist in the world today, but we find that SattaKing is one of the most streamlined and simple ones to navigate of all. Highly recommended visit, and even bookmark for all Xperia users out there.

Best Sites to Follow For Updates on Xperia Phones

Xperia devices are some of the most fluid, responsive, and fast smartphones on the entirety of the marketplace. Able to go toe-to-toe with the best of the flagships when it comes to speed, including the famous iPhone, and Pixel. The true benefit to having a phone as fast as lightning is being able to update yourself on the latest news, scores, trends, and more, all in the blink of an eye. However, depending on your personal interests and tendencies, you’ll surely have your own sites to follow, however, here are a few generic sites we should all follow and keep track of from our Xperia devices.

ESPN CricInfo

Perhaps the most regularly updated and convenient site to view cricket scores, news, updates, rosters, and more, CricInfo has established a reputation as one of the leading sports publications, and scoreboards in the entire world. Aside from giving updates on test, t20, and one day cricket matches, they also give fans a glimpse into the world of the gentleman’s game with interviews, insights, and editorials. Surely one to follow on your Xperia device.


A portal we’ve mentioned a few times on our site, SattaKing is your gateway into the world of Satta Matka. Essentially, the portal displays updated, real-time results and scores from various places in India, making the tracking of the otherwise complex game of Satta a more simplified and streamlined process for those having difficulty following it. Genuinely a helpful site for those getting into Satta, don’t miss this one on your Xperia phone.

BBC World News

Some of the best, most accurate, and unbiased news in the world today can be found on the BBC world news. Undoubtedly some of the most professional journalists are at work here to deliver you high quality news content on a more than daily, regular basis. Definitely follow this one for the newest stories in the world, as well as specifically in your region, as few other news aggregators can hold a candle to the BBC’s standard of quality.


The leading source of news when it comes to the front of gadgets, and technology, WIRED never disappoints as it was one of the first online magazines at all. Featuring a nifty interface which makes it quite simple to float through the various types of news, WIRED is incredibly simple to operate from mobile, and has a lot of new and varied content on it to keep the regular readers interested at all times. Since you have an Xperia device, why not read about some other trends in technology which exist in the world?


GQ, abbreviated from Gentlemen’s Quarterly, is a magazine all about fashion and style trends in the world. Great for outfit inspirations, researching newest trends in the world of fashion, or simply clicking through when you are bored. For those with their finger on the pulse when it comes to the newest designer goods or seasonal color combinations, GQ is a must follow on your Xperia device.

Best Money Making Sites to Keep Track on your Xperia Phone

The adage ‘money makes the world go round’ is one which we hear all the time, even as very young children. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps and sites out there which reward your time, opinion, skills, chances, and more. A lot of these apps are thankfully compatible with your new Xperia device, and can give you a fair chunk of change if ever you feel you have some free time to give in exchange for being rewarded monetarily. This list features all kinds of solutions wherein, either you provide insight, or use your own wits to procure some kind a reward.


RewardBox is a proprietary web app which allows you to answer opinion based questions, logic based quizzes, and more games, the reward for which is an amount deposited directly into your PayTM wallet. This site uses a simple interface, and intuitive games to entice users into playing on, with the additional funds just being an added benefit to using the app. Surely a great one to access from your Xperia phone, RewardBox should be a staple of your smartphone experience.


SattaKing is a web portal which tracks and reveals the results from various Satta Matka’s around the nation. In essence, you will have to use your own funds as a sort of investment, in a betting sense, at which point this app can be used to track the results, and discern whether you have won or lost. While an indirect way to make money in essence, it is certainly one of those options in which you can win big.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards comes right from the monolithic corporation themselves. Essentially, they use their various advertising terminals, such as AdWords and AdSense, to create bespoke surveys one can take, with a reward of course. The caveat is, while not rewarding you directly with funds, it grants you Google Play credits, which can be spent on the app store, or music store. This reward is a strong one, as this currency is valid for up to a year of earning them.


iPoll, much like the aforementioned Google Opinion Rewards, is another app for iOS and Android. Here the app rewards you for completing various quizzes, opinion polls, and more. Interestingly enough, iPoll doesn’t simply reward its users with hard cash, but instead, uses creative rewards, such as airline points, gift vouchers, and more in exchange for the users time and attention. For Xperia users looking to get some kind of reward, iPoll is a strong contender undoubtedly.

SB Answers

Lastly, we come to the much sought after SB answers, previously known as SwagBucks. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular money making apps on mobile devices, and this continues to ring true, especially on Xperia devices. Being a reliable and established brand, SB answers is a strong choice on this list.

Four Best Browsers for Your Xperia Phone

Xperia devices are often lauded for their personalization, customization, and versatility in all aspects of demand which people need from a phone. Be it high performance, battery life, build quality, or specs, the Xperia phones tend to tower over the competition. However, there is so much choice these days when it comes to web browsers, that its worth breaking down the many choices available to Xperia users on the play store.

Google Chrome

One of the undisputed kings in the world of web browsers, Google Chrome is possibly the most widely used browser in the world today, both on desktop, and mobile devices. Being quick, snappy, with an uncomplicated user interface, chrome is a prime candidate for anyone looking to download a fresh browser on their Xperia phone. However, Chrome does have a little bit of a reputation for being a ram hog. For this reason, chrome is best used for simple sites and applications, for example, the results site Satta King, which isn’t too intensive on the processor, but still is informative and fun to navigate.


Opera is a great alternative to the larger browsers, such as the aforementioned Google Chrome. Over the past decade, it has become an increasingly popular choice amongst android users. One of the primary reasons for this is the fact that Opera comes with a private browsing mode which is more secure and safe to use for more sensitive actions than other browsers, eliminating the need to use an external application or VPN of sort. This secure browser is certainly a good pick for anyone looking to do a lot of private browsing on their Xperia device.


After Chrome, Firefox is again one of the most popular choices of browsers in the world today. Brought to us from Mozilla, Firefox, much like the aforementioned chrome, is used widely on both desktop, and laptop devices. Certainly not running into some of the compatibility issues of Chrome, such as lag and latency issues, Firefox is a solid choice for non-enthusiast level browsing. Again, to access a simple site such as Satta King, Firefox will not struggle to operate, and even moving into sites with slightly heftier requirements, Firefox will be able to handle the load well. Definitely recommended for Xperia users with devices new and old alike.

Microsoft Edge

Coming to the final entry on the list, the new offering from Microsoft Corporation, Edge browser. Unfortunately, Microsofts last internet browser, internet explorer, is notoriously bad. Lacking basic functionality of other browsers, as well as being buggy and dysfunctional at times, it has a bad reputation. For this reason Microsoft rebooted the browser with a new name, and made it available on mobile devices as well, including Xperia devices. Shockingly enough, this browser impresses by being far better than the older internet explorer. Upon testing again with the site Satta King, the browser was responsive, and fast, making it another choice for a browser to install on your Xperia device.

5 Essential Money Games for your Xperia Phone

Xperia phones are well known for their processing power, and ability to handle a multitude of games and apps at a time. In the mix of all of this, some of the most popular apps and games out there today involve money, so it’s no surprise that many Xperia users have put in a lot of time into money based games. In this piece, we’re breaking down the 5 very best money adjacent apps, games, and sites for your Xperia phone.

8 Ball Pool

While 8 ball pool is not necessarily a money based game, certain micro transactions can be made in the game to improve, supplement your skills in the game itself. In essence, this extremely popular game is a multiplayer affair, in which a game of pool is simulated, as the name might suggest. Players take turns to pocket balls, and the winner takes away virtual currency. For real money, loot boxes, different queues, or taunts in game can be purchased, adding a layer of customization to a fun, time-pass game.

Dream 11

Fantasy leagues broke into the mainstream a long time ago, but Dream 11 is one of the main games out there today. As the name might suggest, cricket is the main focus of Dream 11, but other sports and games are also offered. Essentially, in any one match, any 11 players from either team are chosen, with each in-game action having a point associated with it. The player enters a league by buying in, and the one who finishes the league with the highest points, takes the pot with them. A risky, yet fun money game to play on your Xperia phone.

Satta King

For those familiar with the classical Indian game of ‘satta’, this portal should come as no surprise to you on this list. Satta King is the foremost portal for satta results in all of India. Essentially, your Xperia phone can become your gateway into the world of betting and gambling, much like many other entries on this list. Satta, being a totally different brand of money gaming adds some excitement to the process of playing money oriented games.

Fan Duel

Yet another entry in the long list of sports based gambling or betting games. In the same vain as the aforementioned Dream 11, Fan Duel is nothing but another betting app for sports and games. This time, choosing to focus on more western focused games, such as basketball and baseball. While sports in and of themselves are exciting to watch, betting is another level, and makes watching sports that little bit more exciting, and you certainly can’t go wrong with the Fan Duel app.

Poker Stars

Much like 8 Ball Pool, again not a directly money adjacent game, but one which can be played with money. Possibly the largest poker game on the mobile landscape, those who are fond of the casino favorite will absolutely adore this game. At times, the immersion and vibe of the game can make you feel as though you’re in a real game of poker.