5 Essential Money Games for your Xperia Phone

Xperia phones are well known for their processing power, and ability to handle a multitude of games and apps at a time. In the mix of all of this, some of the most popular apps and games out there today involve money, so it’s no surprise that many Xperia users have put in a lot of time into money based games. In this piece, we’re breaking down the 5 very best money adjacent apps, games, and sites for your Xperia phone.

8 Ball Pool

While 8 ball pool is not necessarily a money based game, certain micro transactions can be made in the game to improve, supplement your skills in the game itself. In essence, this extremely popular game is a multiplayer affair, in which a game of pool is simulated, as the name might suggest. Players take turns to pocket balls, and the winner takes away virtual currency. For real money, loot boxes, different queues, or taunts in game can be purchased, adding a layer of customization to a fun, time-pass game.

Dream 11

Fantasy leagues broke into the mainstream a long time ago, but Dream 11 is one of the main games out there today. As the name might suggest, cricket is the main focus of Dream 11, but other sports and games are also offered. Essentially, in any one match, any 11 players from either team are chosen, with each in-game action having a point associated with it. The player enters a league by buying in, and the one who finishes the league with the highest points, takes the pot with them. A risky, yet fun money game to play on your Xperia phone.

Satta King

For those familiar with the classical Indian game of ‘satta’, this portal should come as no surprise to you on this list. Satta King is the foremost portal for satta results in all of India. Essentially, your Xperia phone can become your gateway into the world of betting and gambling, much like many other entries on this list. Satta, being a totally different brand of money gaming adds some excitement to the process of playing money oriented games.

Fan Duel

Yet another entry in the long list of sports based gambling or betting games. In the same vain as the aforementioned Dream 11, Fan Duel is nothing but another betting app for sports and games. This time, choosing to focus on more western focused games, such as basketball and baseball. While sports in and of themselves are exciting to watch, betting is another level, and makes watching sports that little bit more exciting, and you certainly can’t go wrong with the Fan Duel app.

Poker Stars

Much like 8 Ball Pool, again not a directly money adjacent game, but one which can be played with money. Possibly the largest poker game on the mobile landscape, those who are fond of the casino favorite will absolutely adore this game. At times, the immersion and vibe of the game can make you feel as though you’re in a real game of poker.

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