Best Money Making Sites to Keep Track on your Xperia Phone

The adage ‘money makes the world go round’ is one which we hear all the time, even as very young children. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps and sites out there which reward your time, opinion, skills, chances, and more. A lot of these apps are thankfully compatible with your new Xperia device, and can give you a fair chunk of change if ever you feel you have some free time to give in exchange for being rewarded monetarily. This list features all kinds of solutions wherein, either you provide insight, or use your own wits to procure some kind a reward.


RewardBox is a proprietary web app which allows you to answer opinion based questions, logic based quizzes, and more games, the reward for which is an amount deposited directly into your PayTM wallet. This site uses a simple interface, and intuitive games to entice users into playing on, with the additional funds just being an added benefit to using the app. Surely a great one to access from your Xperia phone, RewardBox should be a staple of your smartphone experience.


SattaKing is a web portal which tracks and reveals the results from various Satta Matka’s around the nation. In essence, you will have to use your own funds as a sort of investment, in a betting sense, at which point this app can be used to track the results, and discern whether you have won or lost. While an indirect way to make money in essence, it is certainly one of those options in which you can win big.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards comes right from the monolithic corporation themselves. Essentially, they use their various advertising terminals, such as AdWords and AdSense, to create bespoke surveys one can take, with a reward of course. The caveat is, while not rewarding you directly with funds, it grants you Google Play credits, which can be spent on the app store, or music store. This reward is a strong one, as this currency is valid for up to a year of earning them.


iPoll, much like the aforementioned Google Opinion Rewards, is another app for iOS and Android. Here the app rewards you for completing various quizzes, opinion polls, and more. Interestingly enough, iPoll doesn’t simply reward its users with hard cash, but instead, uses creative rewards, such as airline points, gift vouchers, and more in exchange for the users time and attention. For Xperia users looking to get some kind of reward, iPoll is a strong contender undoubtedly.

SB Answers

Lastly, we come to the much sought after SB answers, previously known as SwagBucks. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular money making apps on mobile devices, and this continues to ring true, especially on Xperia devices. Being a reliable and established brand, SB answers is a strong choice on this list.

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