Can you earn money by playing games online?

Gone are the days when you used to play games online games for fun. You can earn money now with the booming online gaming industry!

Yes, you read it right now you can earn real money by playing online games. Now you can even be a pro-gamer, become a Youtube celebrity and influencer by streaming your gameplay.

We know you are sitting on the corner of your seat and are excited to know about how you can earn too. Don’t worry after reading this article you will know everything that is needed to earn money by playing games online.

Here is the list of games that you can play online to earn money!

1) Satta king

Satta king result chart

Satta king is an online website which helps users to play Satta. The word Satta in general means gambling or betting. The website is a lottery cum gambling site.

The bets are placed on a lottery number and the number is decided by drawing 3 cards from a pack except for joker, king, and queen. Cards are then arranged in ascending order to form a winning number.

The minimum and maximum bets on Satta king are Rs 9.5 and Rs.1000 respectively. Playing Satta was quite popular before independence too. The game was then promoted by Kalyanji Bhagat and Rattan Khatri in the country through Mumbai.

Despite the fact that gambling or betting is illegal in India, Satta king’s popularity is unmatched. The Satta business currently operates from Mumbai with average monthly betting around Rs.100 crores.

Often suggestions are made to legalize websites like Satta king which will increase the tax revenue for the state.

2) Reward Box

Reward box logo

If you want to earn some free Paytm cash, Reward box is a site you don’t want to miss. You can visit the Reward box website and answer some simple quizzes to earn Paytm cash.

The quizzes don’t take much time but give you a chance to earn up to Rs. 500 as Paytm cash in a day. Users can play quizzes in various categories like History, Geography, Science, Information Technology, etc.

Users reviewed that not only they earn Paytm money but also learn new facts by playing quizzes. Instant Paytm cash transfer policy makes Reward box quite popular. Along with nationwide reach, Reward box has 1 lakh+ registered users on its website.

3) Loco

LOCO Logo with a Hippo mascot

Loco is another great application on play store where you can play games and earn real money. Along with English, the game is also available in 5 local languages Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu & Bengali.

For you to earn real money the application is divided into 3 segments Loco live, Loco arena, Loco league. If you have an in-depth knowledge of sport you can earn by predicting the results of live games through Loco league.

Loco live is there for you if you love to play quizzes and want to earn money. Where in the loco arena you earn money by playing various games and ranking top in the leaderboards.

The winning amount of a user gets transferred to their registered Paytm account. Loco keeps its users entertained by adding new games and quizzes regularly. 

4) CricPlay

Red cricket ball on the field, CricPlay logo

CricPlay is another cricket fantasy league gaming application. Fantasy league gaming is one where you can create and own a virtual sports team.

CricPlay has 5 major leagues for you to earn big money. Despite being new, CricPlay has become quite popular with more than 58,000 downloads on Google Play store.

Before a real cricket match, you can pick your playing 11 and create a team. Your CricPlay team will earn points based on individual players real-time performance in the real match.

You must finish top at the leaderboard to earn real money. You can create private leagues and tournaments and compete with your friends to earn big. The best part is you can easily transfer your winnings to your Paytm e-wallet.

5) ThinkPe

Blue wallet with golden coins

This Android Application lets you,  play games, earn Paytm cash and more.. ThinkPe is a new application but is gaining massive popularity due to its usefulness.

With ThinkPe you can play fun games on GamesZop. By becoming a VIP member you can reduce your withdrawal fees from Rs. 35 to Rs. 25. You can earn also up to Rs. 1,000 by referring ThinkPe to your near and dear ones.

After creating the ThinkPe account you can complete simple tasks and participate in quizzes and contests to win Paytm cash daily. You can transfer your earnings to your registered Paytm with ease.

Join ThinkPe and explore all the latest and exclusive survey, apps and earn unlimited Paytm Cash.





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