Entertainment Sites to View from Xperia Devices

Smartphones are often correctly viewed as hybrid devices which facilitate communications, entertainment, work, and many other purposes. It would be futile to merely peg these devices as unitaskers, are they are ostensibly so much more. One of the primary purposes of smartphones, as mentioned, is entertainment, and on Xperia phones, you’re really spoilt for choice between games, platforms, sites, and so much more when it comes to mere entertainment. However, some of the most engaging happen to be websites with entertainment elements, so in this piece, we’ll break down 5 of the best online sites which can entertain you on your Xperia device.


Netflix is the undisputed king of streaming services, but with the uprising of newer services such as Amazon Prime, and Hotstar (which we’ll get to), why is it worth shelling out the money for a Netflix subscription every month? Well, the answer is simple, Netflix produces some of the best original content in the world today, and yes, that includes feature length films as well. Simply, Netflix is one of the handiest sites out there, and you already know that, so put your Xperia device to good use on this platform.


With all that being said, Hotstar is a trailblazer coming up very quickly on Netflix, and wishing to chomp up market share with region specific content, and a huge tide shifter, cricket. The 2019 ICC Cricket world cup was streamed on Hotstar, making it a must have site for any Xperia user. For sports fans who also indulge in original content from time to time, Hotstar is an absolute cannot miss.


Undoubtedly, basketball is one of the most electrifying sports out there in the world today, and your one ticket to see it on your Xperia device is NBA TV, a site which lets you stream all the matches, and highlights all in one place. The sheer explosiveness of the sport is sure to take anyone out of a state of boredom, complemented greatly by the booming sound and bright screen of your Xperia device.


Younger audiences and millennials will no doubt recognize this entry on our list. 9Gag is where the majority of jokes, memes, and funnies on the internet originate from, and for those of you bored on your Xperia devices out there, it bears visiting for the gut-bustlingly funny content on the platform at any one point. If you’re feeling down and out, 9Gag is surely reliable to pull you out of any predicament, and your Xperia can be the gateway to the world of memes and jokes for you.

Satta King

Last but not least, we come to SattaKing, an online platform which aggregates all the Satta results from various Matkas in India. Without a doubt, many of these platforms exist in the world today, but we find that SattaKing is one of the most streamlined and simple ones to navigate of all. Highly recommended visit, and even bookmark for all Xperia users out there.

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