Four Best Browsers for Your Xperia Phone

Xperia devices are often lauded for their personalization, customization, and versatility in all aspects of demand which people need from a phone. Be it high performance, battery life, build quality, or specs, the Xperia phones tend to tower over the competition. However, there is so much choice these days when it comes to web browsers, that its worth breaking down the many choices available to Xperia users on the play store.

Google Chrome

One of the undisputed kings in the world of web browsers, Google Chrome is possibly the most widely used browser in the world today, both on desktop, and mobile devices. Being quick, snappy, with an uncomplicated user interface, chrome is a prime candidate for anyone looking to download a fresh browser on their Xperia phone. However, Chrome does have a little bit of a reputation for being a ram hog. For this reason, chrome is best used for simple sites and applications, for example, the results site Satta King, which isn’t too intensive on the processor, but still is informative and fun to navigate.


Opera is a great alternative to the larger browsers, such as the aforementioned Google Chrome. Over the past decade, it has become an increasingly popular choice amongst android users. One of the primary reasons for this is the fact that Opera comes with a private browsing mode which is more secure and safe to use for more sensitive actions than other browsers, eliminating the need to use an external application or VPN of sort. This secure browser is certainly a good pick for anyone looking to do a lot of private browsing on their Xperia device.


After Chrome, Firefox is again one of the most popular choices of browsers in the world today. Brought to us from Mozilla, Firefox, much like the aforementioned chrome, is used widely on both desktop, and laptop devices. Certainly not running into some of the compatibility issues of Chrome, such as lag and latency issues, Firefox is a solid choice for non-enthusiast level browsing. Again, to access a simple site such as Satta King, Firefox will not struggle to operate, and even moving into sites with slightly heftier requirements, Firefox will be able to handle the load well. Definitely recommended for Xperia users with devices new and old alike.

Microsoft Edge

Coming to the final entry on the list, the new offering from Microsoft Corporation, Edge browser. Unfortunately, Microsofts last internet browser, internet explorer, is notoriously bad. Lacking basic functionality of other browsers, as well as being buggy and dysfunctional at times, it has a bad reputation. For this reason Microsoft rebooted the browser with a new name, and made it available on mobile devices as well, including Xperia devices. Shockingly enough, this browser impresses by being far better than the older internet explorer. Upon testing again with the site Satta King, the browser was responsive, and fast, making it another choice for a browser to install on your Xperia device.

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